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Blueprint Networx delivers answers that are targeted to your specific needs and goals. We show you the precise procedure, payor, revenue, referrals and practice patterns for all physicians and facilities in your market. We eliminate the need to dig through thousands of rows of spreadsheets or to hire an army of analysts to decipher complicated analytics software. 

Blueprint Networx guides you away from getting stuck in analysis quicksand. Our specially designed software does the analysis to convert the growing flood of healthcare data into valuable answers. Blueprint Networx allows you to capitalize on your greatest opportunities for growth and develop strategies to respond to competitive threats.

You don’t need more analytics. You need more answers.
That’s why we developed the MEDdetective Decision Suite.

Answers to the most critical challenges facing your organization are now more accessible than ever before. Our comprehensive software suite enables instant access to key insights across the entire healthcare industry.

Countervailing Forces


We help you confront the competitive forces that threaten your business. We turn these obstacles into opportunities with easy-to-use, visual data display solutions. It’s time to stop the competition from stealing your market share.

Market Transparency


See the dynamic relationships between all physicians and competitors within your markets. Use our graphic interface rather than spreadsheets to fully understand your actual and potential market position.

Decision GPS


We provide turn-by-turn navigation, across all devices and platforms, to arrive at critical decisions with less time and effort. Take the detours out of navigating the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.

Control The Future


Take control of your future and accelerate past the competition. We customize our software to meet your exact market and organizational needs. Eliminate excessive data and features. Physician and competitor behavior is no longer a mystery.

The MEDdetective Decision Suite

Time-consuming and confusing analytics based on big data are a thing of the past with the MEDdetective Decision Suite.

With the industry’s first and only Answer App and our Unlimited Answer Platform, you get valuable answers rather than analytics. Finally, you don’t have to pay for extra features or unnecessary data.

MEDdetective delivers essential answers so you spend more time making influential decisions that lead to success.

The MEDdetective Decision Suite is a customized software platform which utilizes an Intuitive Graphic Interface with No Spreadsheets and No Analysis to access critical answers with Less Time and Effort and No Extra Data or Features. Gain incomparable insight into:

Market Share
Competitor Comparison
Market Growth
Financial Impact
Physician Loyalty
Payor Mix

Patient Outmigration
Referral Network Leakage
Volume Growth Targets
Service Line Expansion
Referral Growth Targets
Practice Valuation

Faster Answers

Smarter Decisions

No Analysis

ACCESS gives you immediate actionable insights into your primary service area, key competitors, core service lines and highest value physicians. The industry’s first and only Answer App utilizes focused data sets and proprietary algorithms to provide data-driven answers to your organization’s high priority opportunities and vulnerabilities.

Personalized Answers

Effective Decisions

No Analysis

CHOICE allows you to gain decision power over the market, competitors, service lines and key physicians that you select. Utilizing the industry’s first and only Answer App gives you the power to customize the data selection to get the most valuable answers based on your strategic needs.

Unlimited Answers

Influential Decisions

No Analysis

PRO provides unlimited answers for your competitive environment utilizing complete claims-based data sets that are customized to your organization and market. Our proprietary Answer Button instantly identifies capturable lost business. View the entire market through our intuitive interface.

Data to Decisions

MEDdetective is the key that moves you to decisive action without time consuming analytics and increased resources. Converting data into effective decisions creates a distinct competitive advantage for your organization.


What is our total market share versus our competition? By specialty? By procedure? By payor? By Revenue?

What are my competitors weaknesses and where can I capitalize on them?

Where are opportunities for market growth and expansion?

How do I plan to service the patient population in my markets?


 Are we optimizing patients from our existing physicians? Who are the highest value physicians to target for recruitment?

 How do I solidify the integrity of our physician network?

 Where are we losing patients from leakage and out-migration?

 What is the specific financial impact of our growth strategy?


 Who are our loyal physicians identified by practice and referral patterns? Where else do our physicians practice?

 What is the payor mix of physicians at our facility and at our competitor facilities?

 Who refers to our physicians? Who do our physicians send referrals to?

 How do I determine comparative practice value for recruitment and acquisition?

“Blueprint Networx has given us the ability to identify and locate the right physicians performing the right procedures to help us maximize our growth. This allows us to focus our resources on the best physician targets. We leverage their unparalleled industry knowledge, best in class data, and intuitive software to accelerate our market penetration.” 


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